e-Trial Co., Ltd.

We are...

  1. A company of EPS group, specialized for EDC trials
  2. A professional group providing best solutions to clinical trials with up to date information technologies
  3. A Japanese company with a vision of global standards
e-Trial will take full advantage of the EPS Group's existing bases in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore to quickly generate high-quality data at low cost.

Next step for EDC trials

We, e-Trial Co., Ltd, fully support clinical studies using EDC, an essential tool for global clinical studies, specifically in East Asian regions including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. We address to maximize benefits/cost and to minimize risks in global clinical studies.
In addition to our original EDC system, E-DMS Online, we provide clinical study support services utilizing Medidata Rave®, an EDC system from Medidata Solutions Worldwide in the United States. Favorable partnership with Medidata Solutions, we are provided with the technology transfer of the highest level which helps us to provide the customers with the high-value-added services in highly efficient performance.(achieved Accredited Plus level in the ASPire to Win® program, 2009)
Furthermore, to optimize the operation of EDC, we support our customers with the related information technology and know-how which we obtained from our experience with various clinical studies. We provide pharmaceutical companies and clinical study sites with consistent services starting from designing an EDC-supported clinical study to the new drug application.


  1. Medidata Rave®
    • A web based EDC for capturing, managing and reporting clinical research data
  2. E-DMS Online
    • A web based EDC and clinical data management system, including Randomization
  3. ePRO (invivodata)
    • DiaryPRO®: a mobile device which automates paper diaries and other reporting methods
    • SitePRO®: a tablet which automates paper-based site assessments
  4. E-MONI
    • A web based clinical trial monitoring system


  1. Clinical Trial-Support
    • Planning and operating services to clinical trials especially in EDC style
  2. EDC and IT Systems Support
    • Providing best system solutions to clinical trials using our own products or our partners' products
    • Building and maintaining the IT infrastructures
  3. e-Learning
    • Creating educational contexts for our clients and maintaining the e-Learning web site


Corporate Information

Corporate Profile
Corporate Name e-Trial Co., Ltd.
Head Office 9F, 1-8 Tsukudo-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0821
Capital JPY100,000,000.
(100% funded by EPS Co., Ltd.)
Established March 23, 2006
(Start of Business: April 3, 2006)
Membership Supporting Member of
Japan CRO Association (JCROA)
The Board Members
President &
 Chief Executive Officer
Satoru Kono
Director Kiyofumi Yoneta
Director Itsutaro Maki
Director Mikiharu Nakagawara
Auditor Yasuharu Tamai
Corporate Officers
  Satoru Kono
  Liu Jianping
  Itsutaro Maki
  Kiyofumi Yoneta